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"You're An Author? Don't Get Hustled" by Wayne McFarland

The indispensable book for Indie Authors! 

-- Reviewers are saying...

“…(this book) should be on every author’s bookshelf. “  “…(the book is) informative without being overbearing. It’s like talking with a friend who knows about the business…” “a friend who has been in the trenches of publishing… “ “…(new Authors) pocketbooks are safer (from swindling) with this book!...”  “…(this book) keeps the author that wants to publish safe.”-- Jacqueline Hansen, Author, Book Editor

“Splendid!...” “Hell, every page is a winning ticket! (Would I recommend this book to Authors?) “…I’d (tell them to) garnish with cilantro and devour it!” “…(reading this book is like sitting down with a friend). “….Make that a lifelong..buddy who’s giving me the REAL skinny…”  “You’ve set a new standard…congratulations!”-- Bill Lenz, Writer, Producer, Director, Narrator; 4 time Cindy Award winner; 4 time Telly Award winner; 2 time Cine Golden Eagle Award winner; winner Grand Award and others

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"You're An Author? Don't Get Hustled"is available for order at The Book Patch, Amazon, and independent bookstores nationwide.   


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