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You're An Author? Don't Get Hustled : REVIEWS


“Splendid!...” “Hell, every page is a winning ticket! (Would I recommend this book to Authors?) “…I’d (tell them to) garnish with cilantro and devour it!”  “…(reading this book is like sitting down with a friend). “….Make that a lifelong..buddy who’s giving me the REAL skinny…” “You’ve set a new standard…congratulations!”

Bill Lenz, Writer, Producer, Director, Narrator; 4 time Cindy Award winner; 4 time Telly Award winner; 2 time Cine Golden Eagle Award winner; winner Grand Award and others

“I loved (this book)…” “…reading it I imagine that a buddy of mine and I are sitting down at a table tinkering with a manuscript…”  “…this is not a work of some dilatant.”  “…The author comes across as a guy who has been “around the block,” and then some. The tone of this work in a word is, sincerity.“  “…there is SO much good, informative and vital information you need in here. “  “(This book)  should be the only textbook in the class, “You 're An Author?” “… sooner or later every writer who wants a shot at publishing is going to need it.”

Michael Kaiser; Author, Literary Blogger

“This is a fantastically useful tool for any Indie author.” “This is an indispensable job aid, which should sit in the lower right hand of corner of any budding writer's desk.”  “Mr. McFarland has produced an extremely useful manual for indie authors seeking advice on how to publish, print, market, distribute and sell their work.”

R. Bruce Logan, author of Back to Vietnam: Tours of the Heart, Finding Lien, As the Lotus Blooms, and (coming soon) The Road From Tenancingo

“…(this book) should be on every author’s bookshelf. “  “…(the book is) informative without being overbearing. It’s like talking with a friend who knows about the business…” “a friend who has been in the trenches of publishing… “ “…(New Authors’) pocketbooks are safer (from swindling) with this book!...”  “…(this book) keeps the author that wants to publish safe.”

Jacqueline Hansen, Author, Book Editor

“…a book like this (would be very) useful to someone venturing into these murky waters.” Is (the book) clear? The writer is knowledgeable? The information valuable?  “Yes…”  “Yes...” (and) “Yes.”  Would you recommend (the book) to new authors? “Yes (!)” “I liked the way (things are) spelled out. The by-the-numbers outline of what one can actually do about things is (great). The “Hustler Alerts” are a nice touch.”

Steven Arenas, Emmy nominee. 21 years, TV animation.  Director, major studio TV animation post production, 15 years. 

“…this a gem for new authors…”” it’s a superb… informative piece that has real value (not regurgitated garbage) that WILL help people. “…(the book) is written in a friendly, caring manner…. “ “…a very original style…:  “gives (one) a sense of connection to the author, like a friend who cares…”. “You are the real deal…” “Your book is a very relevant informative piece”

Darrel Dagget, Music Producer and Editor, Audio Book Producer and Editor, Narration Director and Editor, Member, International Association of Professional Writers & Editors (IAPWE)

“I would recommend (‘You’re An Author?  Don’t Get Hustled) to anyone who is interested in getting published.”  “I found the book readable, crystal clear, and highly enjoyable.” “The book will be valuable to novice writers. It is full of wonderful advice and helpful ideas in navigating the murky waters of getting your book published.” “The information provided is valuable and presented in an informal and relaxing style.”  “The writer walks you through the pitfalls of publishing like a good friend holding your hand”

Chris Stenson, Author of Isabelle, Director of Writers’ Group 

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